As GYMZANA has grown drastically these last few months, our production capacity got hit by unexpected high demand which caused delay in production for customizable leotards for individuals (not for clubs). 

Our announced waiting times on the website are 6-12 weeks, and unfortunately some orders from the beginning of the year might be a bit longer (around 14 weeks total). 

As this is not the customer service GYMZANA is aiming for, we are forced to take actions to solve this production capacity issue to produce in a timely manner for our dear customers (around 8 weeks goal). 

As of today, May 3rd 2024 GYMZANA is setting up the below solutions to solve the production delays: 

  • No new orders of customized leotard for individuals (clubs are not affected) will be accepted until the production capacity is increased, by increasing the production line workers number. 
  • If you have an order dated between January and March 2024 your order is most likely going to be between 12-16 weeks waiting time. You can email us at or DM us on social media to discuss with us your specific case. You will be offered multiple options for resolution of your order in a commercial manner. 
  • If you have an order from April, you should be around 10 weeks waiting time. 
  • Hiring of extra administrative workers to support in the customers service and sales to answer your requests quicker.

We are thankful for the increasing demand and interest in our products, and are working extra hard to make sure we can solve the production delay as soon as possible, to be able to supply unique leotards in a timely manner to all our customers. 

We are looking forward to being back with more production capacity and a smoother customer experience regarding the waiting times. 

Thank your for your understanding.