ProShop Collaboration

Gymzana is a proud supplier of high quality leotards at affordable prices. As we want to be as close as prossible to the customers, we offer clubs the possibilities to have ProShop Collaborations with us. 

The Advantages of the ProShop Collaborations: 

  • The Club receives 5% in commissions from the sales made by your club members. 
  • Your club members get a 10% discount on the website overall. 
  • You can order kits and accessories customized to your club at a wholesale price and sell them for a margin to your members. 


How does it work? 

  • You receive a free leotard for quality display at your club 
  • You receive a unique discount code that will allow the monthly tracking of the sales made through your members. 
  • You will receive marketing materials for such as banners, and flyers to display our collaboration in your gym and make sure your gymnasts know about the benefits of shopping through Gymzana for the club. 


Are you interested in discussing this opportunity further? 


Phone: +49 176 62 76 5345 or +1 (707) 543 1490