Shipping Policy

Delivery Policy: 

Gymzana is proud to offer FREE DELIVERY at all times, whichever country you may call home.


For the LEOTARDS, our shipping originates from Italy (EU). 

For the in-stock leotards: Shipped within 2 working days. 

For the customizable collection: Shipped within 6-12 weeks. 

(There is no refund in the case of lateness of orders). 


For the Positive Gymnastics Journal, we decided to reduce our impact on the trees as much as possible; by only printing on demand. Therefore, any Positive Gymnastics Journal ordered will be received directly by our partner printer who is located in most countries, offering fast delivery and avoiding customs for you.

For the Accessories, Most will arrive from our producer from FRANCE. Please allow 2-4 weeks for the delivery.  

Delivery Times: 

Depending on your location, the package might take longer to arrive. Please understand that rarely, there is the possibility that due to forces out of our control, packages might take longer. 

Please bear in mind that Gymzana is not responsible in the case of any border taxes / customs you may be charged if the package is above a certain threshold.

May you have any question, please pop us an email at: