About Us

Here at Gymzana, we have a genuine passion for Gymnastics. We think that you, our customers, should understand the background of the name of the brand:

Gym - for Gymnastics.

Zana - which means “rose” in Greek. Roses are perennial (strong, resistant over time) woody flowers (wood is strong but flexible at the same time). We believe that the rose represents the growth of the gymnast, the wood being the strong basis, the thorns representing the failures along the way making the gymnast stronger physically and mentally, and finally, the flower head being the grace, beauty, and the accomplished gymnast state.

Gymzana has as its primary mission helping the gymnasts develop to their “rose” state. At Gymzana we changed the definition of success to “the journey of an individual towards achieving his/her goal”. We believe that success is not only the final outcome, but it is a journey in which the person tries and improves.

We aim to offer all the gymnasts the best gymnastics merchandise to communicate their identity and their passion to the world. We put an emphasis on individuality and uniqueness, minding this, Gymzana develops its products lines to help each of our customers to feel different from the rest but part of a community of gymnasts at the same time.

May you be the most beginner or the world champion, Gymzana believes in your potential to do big things and to show the world what you can do.

Gymzana, jump to success.