Monthly Surprise Training Gymnastics Leotard Unveiled / THE GYMZANA MONTH-LEO BOX

Monthly Surprise Training Gymnastics Leotard Unveiled / THE GYMZANA MONTH-LEO BOX

A gymnast’s leotard is vital for both practice and performance success.

That’s why the innovative Month-Leo box is a game-changer for gymnasts everywhere. Imagine the thrill of receiving a brand new exclusive training gymnastics leotard each month for only 39.90€, delivery included. This service ensures they always have the latest comfort, style, and functionality, enhancing their training experience and performance potential.

Introducing the Month-Leo Box - Training Gymnastics Leotard

Gymnasts, rejoice! Month-Leo Box delivers top-quality training gymnastics leotards right to your doorstep.

At a competitive monthly rate of 39.90€, this subscription service offers unparalleled convenience and excitement. Each box features a unique, exclusive, high-performance leotard that reflects the latest trends and innovations in gymnastics wear.

Designed to inspire and empower, the Month-Leo Box helps gymnasts stay at the pinnacle of their sport.

The Month-Leo Box revolutionizes the gymnast’s wardrobe by ensuring a fresh, stylish leotard every month. Each piece is unique and makes sure to balance style, stretch, and durability, all requirements for a great gymnastics routine.


Unbox a New and Exclusive Leotard Style Every Month

Imagine the thrill of receiving a brand new training gymnastics leotard every month, each one a delightful surprise! The Month-Leo box brings this excitement to life, delivering trendy designs adorned with cute and funny prints that follow the moments of the year. Whether it's a spooky Halloween theme, a festive Christmas pattern, or a cheerful Easter design, each leotard is a limited edition piece, available exclusively through the subscription. This unique offering ensures that subscribers not only feel special but also enjoy a diverse and vibrant wardrobe, making every training session a celebration of style and individuality.

Affordable Leotards: Just €39.90 per Month

Not only it is a nice touch to every month's routine as your gymnast awaits for the Month-Leo box at the end of each month, but it also has financial and planning advantages. The Month-Leo helps you plan out the costs of buying new leotards for your gymnast, as she will receive 12 pieces per year, with the possible to change the size of her subscription as she grows. This gives you flexibility and peace of mind to know that your little one will have training gear needed for gymnastics. Also, 39€90 per month is an affordable price for a high-quality leotard that will help your gymnast perform her best in training. The price includes worldwide shipping.


The Month-Leo Box reflects the evolving needs of competitive gymnasts, ensuring they stay fashionable and ready to perform.

Incorporating the Month-Leo Box into the gymnast’s routine guarantees a seamless blend of style, functionality, and convenience.

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