How the Positive Gymnastics Journal works



Positive Gymnastics Training



The Positive Gymnastics Journal is an innovative training tool created by Gymzana with the aim to improve the mental health of gymnasts on the long term. The journal was developed using the psychology theory of PERMA + H (Seligman, 2011) which provides an image of what parts constitute well being.

Our magic receipe following the Positive Psychology theories:

POSITIVE EMOTIONS about the past, present and future. The Positive Gymnastics Journal works on reflecting about the past in a more grateful way, it focuses on the present with the reminder of what the gymnast is capable of doing now, and it works on the future with a goal setting section and a vision board. 


Through ENGAGEMENT the gymnast is more involved in what she is doing, she takes actions towards her goals. The journal offers the gymnasts the possibility to engage more with their training and their goals. The action of writing after each and every training shows consistency through time, and a certain importance of reflection on the actions at training. 


Relationships in Gymnastics team

Relationships: part that focuses on the joy, meaning and pride in accomplishment of the gymnast. With the journal, the relationship factor is developed through the celebration of everyday little accomplishments, the understanding of the reason why the gymnast works hard depending on her goals, and the pride through the display and tracking of new skills acquired and successes. 


 Coaching in the Gymnastics industry

MEANING can be being part of the club of gymnastics, and often gymnasts do not realise how helpful this can be. The journal emphasises on the importance of the gymnast on her own path but also on the relationship with her coach, for whom she is important. The fact that the coach has to write positive reflections here and there in the journal helps the gymnast get that “meaning” of being validated and recognised. 


Accomplishments in Gymnastics competitions

ACCOMPLISHMENTS obviously depend greatly on the goals the gymnast sets to herself, and how feasible they are. The journal focuses on teaching the gymnasts the SMART goals methods, in order to challenge themselves for goals that are at reach to not lose motivation. The gymnast has the possibility, together with a coach, to set the goals in a specific section at the beginning of the book; and accomplishments dates can also be added. Also, the gymnast has at her disposition a skills tracker and competitions sheets which provide a tool to write down accomplishments. 

Well being has many benefits such as: 

  • Better performance and lower risks of burnouts
  • More satisfying relationships 
  • Becoming more cooperative / involved 
  • Better physical health 
  • Better self control and coping capacities 

Our usage recommendations of the Positive Gymnastics Journal are: 

  • Should be used after each training, together with the coach if possible 
  • Should constitute a full integrated training tool which gymnast and coach refer to 
  • Should constitute a learning tool for the gymnast to find tips on how to develop positive mental health habits and self care importance 
  • Should be perceived as a communication tool bridging between the coach, parents and gymnast, where the health of the gymnast prevails 

The Positive Gymnastics Journal helps you lower the negative impacts that training can have on the gymnast’s mental health. Using this tool is a long term investment for the well-being of the gymnast and represent a significant help for less gymnasts dropping out or getting demotivated.
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 The Positive Gymnastics Journal is the solution to implement.