Welcome to our Blog Gymzana

Welcome to our Blog

We are as happy as we could be to be starting our weekly blog posting. 


Established in 2019, Gymzana is offering the first training tool to stay motivated and happy while training gymnastics based on the theory of Positive Psychology. Unfortunately due to COVID, it has been quite a difficult time. We have taken some time out in 2021, as many of you noticed, with slower operations and developments. This time allowed us to rethink the branding and products development of Gymzana. We are now back to full speed, and ready to kick our goals! Believe us, there is a lot in the pipelines for you in the future! 🙈

Our Blogs will be focused on many different subjects: 

  • Training advice
  • Starting Gymnastics advice
  • Competition advice
  • Mental health in Gymnastics advice 
  • Gymnastics products advice
  • Results of international competitions
  • Interviews with gymnasts
  • Gymnastics news 
  • Physical health at Gymnastics 
  • Coaching advice 

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